Modify date: 2020-02-13



The project is located on the void space between the entrance and administrative building at Tsinghua, aimed to intensify the functions here and to explore the relationships among each building, activating the space, inviting people onto the site, and offering daily service for students, tourists, and professors.


Basic Info

Category Professional work of urban design
Location Tsinghua, Beijing, China
Date of design Feb 2017 - Apr 2017
Tutor Prof. Qi Xin
Collaborator Wen Qiulin, Lei Yuxin, Jiang Haomao and other 10 students
Total GFA 73,000 m²
Site area 27,000 m²
Green rate 34%
Floor area ratio 2.74

Design Stages

The Intensification In Built Site

The urban space is continually expanding over the years, with the distance growing, the resources being depleted and the pollution worsening.


However, have the existing urban land been fully developed and utilized?

When space so-called left for landscape is transformed into an urban area with a specific density, will the city be more active?

What kind of relationships should be developed between buildings? What kind of synergy can be formed? Can we build organic and smart cities, neighborhoods, and homes?

Based on these thinkings, the topic is focused on the existing urban space - the space between the main entrance and administrative building in Tsinghua.


Layout And Scenarios