Study On The Development Of TOD

Modify date: 2021-01-03


Basic Info

Category Research and analysis workshop with GIS
Location Boston, MA & Arlington, WA
Date of design Aug 2019
Tutor Mark Hiller
Collaborator Yanwei Yang, Jinqi Gu

Intented for studying what makes the development around a station transit-oriented, and how such development shapes some part of Boston, the project is part of the GIS workshop. It’s consist of two parts, both through comparison and data visualization:

Part I

Status Quo Of TOD In Boston (Visualization, Comparison Between Boston & Arlington)



Part II

Key Elements Around TOD Stations (Visualization, Comparison Between TOD & Non-TOD)

A TOD station and a non-TOD station is selected from the previous extraction. Under the neighborhood scale, building typologies, activity category, range and timeline for various groups of people are compared in this part to find out the key elements that shape a station with transit-oriented development.